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To unlock greatness in the boys we coach and launch them into becoming men of action who lead with empathy and integrity.


 R – Responsible . . .  Response – Able: a rock is one who responds, rather than reacts. His response is based on his convictions, his core beliefs, values and goals. He is not ruled by his emotions, his past, the weather, the day of the week, or his feelings. He knows he is a product of his choices and that yesterday does not hold today or tomorrow hostage.


 O – Others: a rock is a man built for others. His words and his actions benefit others. He lives in the window room, not the mirror room. As a man built for others, he is a crusader for excellence and helping others become the best they can be. At times he is an encourager, at times he is a confronter, and at times he is simply present as a sign of support. He pours himself out, knowing that when he pours into others he will always be refilled.


 C – Community: a rock is a man who lives in and builds community. He embraces the idea of Ubuntu, that who we are increases exponentially as we are in authentic, loving community. One can chase a thousand . . . and two can chase ten thousand. He recognizes the perils of isolation for him and others, so he is committed to not only seeking out community for himself, but living in such a way, treating others in such a way, that he fosters community. He is available and accessible.




K – Knife: a rock is a man who has the courage to lean into the knife. Like the fire fighters who rushed TOWARDS the Twin Towers, he courageously confronts challenges in life. He is counter cultural in the sense that he knows Easy Street and the path of least resistance lead to a life of frustration and mediocrity. He has a gritty toughness and courage to do the hard thing in every circumstance, despite the cost.